Municipal Candidate Information

Are you thinking of running?

If so, you must file a Notice of Intent to run in the upcoming Municipal Election.

Changes to the Local Authorities Election Act beginning January 1, 2014, requires that no candidate may accept campaign contributions, including the funds of the candidate, unless the candidate is registered with the municipality in which the candidate intends to run.  Be advised that in-kind donations also constitute a campaign contribution. 

If you are planning to run as a candidate in the upcoming Election, please complete Form 3A – Application for Registration of Notice of Intent to become a Candidate for Municipal Office and submit it to the Returning Officer; Annette Boissonnault at  The completed form can also be dropped off at the Town Office located at 10003 - 106 Street in Westlock.

Application for Registration of Notice of Intent to become a Candidate for Municipal Office form


A Candidates Information Package has been prepared that is intended to be a guide in assisting you through the campaign process during the 2017 Municipal Election.  Download the links below to obtain a copy of the Package, Appendixes, and the additional information provided.

The amended Municipal Government Act requires municipalities to offer training to all new and returning elected officials within 90 days after council members have taken the oath of office.  In the event you are a successful candidate, the Town will be providing orientation training on Friday , October 20, 2017.  In addition to the Town's training, the Elected Officials Education Program will be hosting a Munis 101 Course in Westlock on December 7 and 8, 2017.  See the link below for more details.

 As of August 14th, 2017, the Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM) in partnership with Alberta Municipal Affairs, presents Alberta Leaders Training for individuals running for office.  

Take advantage of Local Government Training sessions, at no cost.

The sessions are designed to help candidates:

 There are 4 locations scheduled: 

For more information, or to register for a session, go on-line to, call 780-796-3839 or see the link below under additional information for a paper copy of the registration form. 





Council Procedure Bylaw 2014-10

Council Remuneration Policy P-57-2014

Pecuniary Interest for Municipal Councillors

Now That You've Been Elected

EOEP Munis101 Course

2017 Candidate Training Flyer hosted by SLGM and Municipal Affairs

2017 Candidate Training Registration Form

The Local Authorities Election Act (Act) can be accessed through Alberta Queen's Printer.