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Tax Recovery
The Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires municipalities to inform the Land Titles office of properties where taxes are in arrears for two years or more. Properties in arrears are placed on a Tax Recovery List, and if taxes remain unpaid, these properties may be sold at public auction.
The Town relies on the collection of property taxes to provide services, to make improvements to its infrastructure and to meet its financial obligations. The Provincial Government recognizes municipalities’ reliance on property tax revenue, so to ensure that everyone who is required to pay municipal taxes does so, legislation has been passed that ensures the municipality can collect the taxes that are due. The legislation gives the municipality the authority to enforce payment of legally levied taxes. The Province also recognizes that land or property represents a significant, if not the largest, investment for most Albertans. The MGA is drafted on the principle of protecting people’s interest in their property.
Under Part 10, Division 8, of the MGA, the Town of Westlock is authorized to implement a tax recovery process, by establishing timelines and procedures to recover unpaid property taxes. This may include the possession and sale of properties, including distribution of surplus sale proceeds and final disposition of the parcel, as necessary. The Town takes all reasonable actions toward recovery of property tax arrears, while ensuring the tax recovery process being followed is fair and reasonable to both the property owner(s) and the Town and within the authority provided under the MGA.
Under the MGA, the Town can file a Tax Recovery Notification against the title of any property where taxes are in arrears for two years or more. All costs incurred in the tax recovery process are charged against the property on which the notification is filed. If taxes remain unpaid following the filing of a Tax Recovery Notification, the property will be offered for tax recovery sale by public auction.
For more information, download: Tax Recovery: A Guide for Alberta Municipalities, published by Alberta Municipal Affairs. If you have specific questions, please contact the Director of Finance at 780.780.4444 or by email.