Secondary Suites

A secondary suite is a self-contained living unit with its own cooking facilities, washroom and a separate exit created in a single family home. Secondary suites can be an important affordable housing option, provided the suites are constructed safely.
Secondary Suites are a Discretionary use in a R1 (Low Density Residential) District and are a Discretionary use in an R2 (Medium Density Residential) District, only aloud in a Single Family Dwelling.
Both a Development Permit and a Building Permit are required for secondary suites. Permits and inspections may also be required in the disciplines of plumbing, gas and electrical. Contact the Development Department for assistance.
The Safety Codes Council has developed a set of Secondary Suite Standards that may assist you in determining the extent of work that you will need to undertake in order to develop a compliant secondary suite or to bring an existing one into compliance.
Adequate off street parking requirements for a secondary suite are two off-street parking spaces for the existing single family dwelling, plus one parking space for each two bedrooms in the secondary suite.
Please note: This does not apply to new building construction. If you are constructing a home and wish to incorporate a secondary suite it will be treated as a duplex for the purposes of the building code and will need to comply with current Alberta Building Code Standards and Land Use Bylaw regulations for a new two-family dwelling.
Permit application forms are available online (Navigate to Planning & Development > Permits), in person at the Town Office or can be obtained by contacting Planning & Development at (780) 349-4444 or