Safety Codes Permits

Safety Codes Permits are required to ensure that work on buildings will conform to construction and safety standards as accepted under the Safety Codes Act and inspections will be provided by certified Safety Codes Officers. Insurability and claims may be adversely affected when work is undertaken without permits or when deficiencies are identified and not remedied.
The Town of Westlock is an accredited municipality under the provincial Safety Codes Act. The Safety Codes Act requires that all contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits prior to commencing work on buildings covered by the Alberta Building and Fire Codes, the Canadian Electrical Code, the Gas Codes, or the National Plumbing Code. Where a permit is required under the Safety Codes Act neither the Town nor its contracted agency has the discretion to waive the requirement. The Town of Westlock, as an accredited municipality, is responsible to assist customers with their applications and permits and to follow up to see that work is inspected and files are closed properly.
The major benefits of obtaining a permit are:
For technical information related to the various codes, contact Municipal Affairs Communication and Inquiry Centre: 1-866-421-6929 (Note: Local callers must dial the 1-866) or by Email:
Code and Permit information can also be obtained by visiting the Safety Services Discussion Forum or the Ask An Expert web page. Both can be found at the Alberta Municipal Affairs web site.
To apply for a permit in the building, plumbing, gas or electrical discipline in Westlock please contact the Town Office. Contact the Planning Department or Superior Safety Codes Inc. if you are unsure if you need a permit. Additional information links and forms are provided below
See below to download the building permit application

Building Permits

Most types of construction projects require both a Development Permit and a Building Permit. A building permit is needed for construction or major renovations of a building, alteration, installation, repair , relocation, demolition and removal of a building, a change in the intended use of a building, or if any project affects health and safety. Structural stability of buildings and the health and safety of the building’s occupants are key reasons for building permits. Building permits are not required for painting, decorating, re-flooring or re-siding provided that there is no matters affecting health and safety and there is no structural change. A change of occupancy of a building may drive the requirement for a building inspection. Development Permits are issued by the Town of Westlock to confirm that your proposed construction project meets Municipal zoning requirements for the specific location.
Building permits are required under the Alberta Safety Codes Act to make sure the construction and use of the building or equipment will be safe. If a development permit is also required, building permits cannot be issued unless a Development Permit has been issued first.

Electrical Permits

All changes, such as installing, altering or adding to an electrical system require an electrical permit and inspection as per the Alberta Safety Codes Act. See below to download the electrical permit application

Gas / Propane Permits

The Alberta Safety Codes Act requires that gas or propane will only be supplied if the permit issuer notifies the supplier that a permit has been issued and an inspection is completed for installation. See below to download the gas / propane permit application

Plumbing Permit

Any installations, alterations or additions to a plumbing system require a plumbing permit and inspection as per the Alberta Safety Codes Act. Installation of a water service, sanitary line or storm sewer requires a permit. The installation of plumbing fixtures in a single family home after the piping has been done, under a separate permit, does not require a new permit. See below to download the plumbing permit application

Other Safety Codes Permits and Information

Alberta Elevating Devises & Amusement Rides Safety Association
Boilers & Pressure Vessels 


If the form you are looking for is not on this page, more application forms are available online (Navigate to Planning & Development > Permits), in person at the Town Office or can be obtained by contacting Planning & Development at (780) 349-4444 or