Reduce & Reuse

Reducing waste by finding another use for the item or material you have is even better than recycling! Here are some suggestions on how you can reduce the amount of waste that is produced.


The valuable mulch produced by composting can be used to help control erosion, stimulate healthy root development, increase water retention in sandy soils, reduce soil diseases and much more.

Grass Recycling

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn returns much-needed moisture and nutrients to the soil. Cut properly, clippings are virtually unnoticeable and do not create thatch.
Studies show that grass recycling can reduce fertilizer requirements by as much as 30%. It helps the soil retain valuable moisture, and helps to choke out weeds by denying light and air to them and improving your lawn’s weed resistance.
Tips for successful grass recycling:

Garage Sale Tips



Here is a popular website that encourage users to buy, sell or swap reusable goods: