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    At time of application for development for new construction, a construction deposit of $5000 is charged. The deposit is returned at the request of the applicant or owner when all conditions of the development and building permits are met.
    Development permit applications for new construction should be accompanied by a site plan showing the relative grades of the subject property and adjacent properties. Grade differences between adjacent properties may not be excessive and in any case may be no more than 15.0 cm (5.9”) unless otherwise approved by the Development Authority. If there is a grading plan available for the subdivision, the applicant is expected to adhere to the finished design grades in order that stormwater flows will be in accordance with engineering design for the subdivision and adjacent properties will not be adversely affected.
    Upon completion of grading in newly developed areas, the applicant is asked to provide a grading certificate or a Real Property Report prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor with grade detail identified in order that the Town can determine whether the grading and landscaping is in compliance with the design grade and/or the Land Use Bylaw.
    Stormwater (e.g. roof leaders) and sump pumps may not be connected to the Sanitary Sewer system nor may they be directed to discharge at sidewalk, curb or onto a lane. Weeping tile discharge and roof leader discharge should be directed onto the front and/or back lawn, depending upon lot grading and direction of drainage, at a point where it is unlikely to impact sidewalk or road base. Halfway between the house and the property line is usually a good measure. Under no circumstances may stormwater drainage be directed onto neighboring properties.
    Property owners are expected to landscape and maintain the area from the building to the nearest property, sidewalk or road surface.
    All required landscaping must be completed within two growing seasons after occupancy of the development, including hard surfacing of driveways, tree planting and sod or grass seed.