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    General Information

    Residential garbage is picked up every week, with neighbourhood districts assigned specific days of the week for collection. Blue Bag(s) Recycling is collected every week, all-year-round, and Organics are collected every week, from the first week in May to the last week in October.

    The Town needs your help on your waste collection day. In an effort to make curbside waste collection more efficient, 

    • Waste Carts, Blue Bag(s) Recycling and Organics must be out by the curb, at the point of collection, before 7 a.m. on your collection day. 
    • Please ensure that your garbage, recyclables, and organics are placed at the curb correctly; there must be at least one and a half meters (approximately four feet) of clearance in all directions around the bins or blue bag(s).
    • If your garbage was not picked up on your regularly scheduled day, please call 780-349-4444, or send an email to info@westlock.ca.


    • Household Waste Collection - Every week
    • Blue Bag(s) Recycling - Every week
    • Organic Collection - Every week (April to November)

    New Residents

    If you have just moved to Westlock, you do not need to arrange collection services.

    If you have just moved into a newly built home, the Town will set up your service automatically, once you have received your occupancy permit.

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    More Information 


    Blue Bag(s) Recycling

    The Town is committed to reducing waste at the source and encouraging recycling as a way of life. Learn how to sort recyclables and what can and cannot be recycled.

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    Organics Collection

    Food and yard waste account for a significantly large portion of garbage. Find out how you can help reduce this impact.

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