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    If you reside in the Town of Westlock and you are self-employed you may need a Development Permit for a Home Based Business. Any business where the operator resides in Westlock but does not have a permanent business address in a non-residential location is considered to be a home-based business for the purposes of the Land Use Bylaw. Contact the Planning & Development Department to inquire.
    Approval of a home based business involves two components:
    1. Development Permit: A development permit may be required if clients/customers must visit the location to receive services. Once approved, the development permit is valid for as long as the occupant continues to operate the home based business at the same location unless it is revoked for sufficient cause under the Land Use Bylaw. If the occupant plans to relocate to another home, or expand or change the business in the same home, a new development permit is required. Home Occupation Development Application Fee: $50.00
    2. Business License: Upon approval of the development permit the applicant will be asked to submit application and payment for the business license. The license must then be renewed annually in January. Home Occupation Business License Fee: $100.00/year
    Please complete both the Development Application Package and Business License applications below to apply:

    Home Occupation Development Permit Application Package

    Business License Application