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    Leak Detection and Monitoring System

    Project Description: In partnership with Bell Mobility and Echologics, a Mueller Water brand, this system will monitor hydrants throughout the community and provide data to pinpoint leaks and maintain our infrastructure in a whole new way. This will be a multi-year project with the installation of 50 sensors in 2022 and another approximately 30 in 2023.


    • Monitor critical pipelines and protect key areas
    • Track leak progression over time
    • Prevent catastrophic breaks
    • Address environmental concerns
    • Prioritize field crew schedules
    • Minimize field activities to detect and locate leaks
    • Significantly reduce pipe repair costs
    • Achieve non-revenue water loss targets

    For more information on this project, visit Echologics.com. 

    Grants, Funding Source: Reserve Fund 

    PartnersBell Mobility, Mueller Water, and Echologics 

    Start Date: January 2022

    Anticipated Completion Date:  Phase 1 Installation will begin in June 2022 and will be operational by August 2002.  The project will be an ongoing initiative with annual monitoring.

    Department ContactDirector of Operations