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    Storm Water Infrastructure Project

    Project Description: This project is comprised of the construction of the naturalized stormwater management pond that will incorporate existing wetland areas into the design and provides natural plantings around the pond's perimeter to accommodate wildlife.

    Grants, Funding Source:   Alberta Community Resiliency Program and the Federal Investing in Canada Plan

    Partners: MPE Engineering Ltd. and Pidherney’s Inc.


    This project scope involves the following major components: 

    1. Improvement of the main drainage channel located in NE6-60-24-W4. The purpose of upgrading this channel is to convey the 1:100-year stormwater flows from the Town to the proposed stormwater management facility. 
    2. Upgrade culvert crossing at 96 Avenue and 113A Street and upgrade the drainage channel along the west side of 96 Avenue and upgrade the culvert crossing at 96 Avenue and 108 Street. 
    3. Construct a new stormwater management facility in SW7-60-24-W4 to accommodate the 1:100-year storm event. 

    Start Date: February 2021

    Anticipated Completion Date:  TBA

    Department Contact:  Director of Operations