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    Property Taxes and Assessments
    Taxes help ensure Town of Westlock citizens have excellent services that contribute to a quality lifestyle. Property taxes provide the Town with the funds it needs to deliver the many day-to-day services and programs that citizens need, want and deserve.
    Use the following links to browse our tax information:
    Property Tax and Assessment e-Billing
    The Town of Westlock is now offering a free Property Tax and Assessment Notice e-Billing option to property owners with Roll Numbers. With this service, customers can opt out of receiving a paper bill/ notice through the mail and instead elect to receive it via email.  For more information on how to register, CLICK HERE.

    Assessment Notices

    The Town will be sending your property assessment notice soon. We encourage you to review your assessment to ensure it reflects the market value of your property. It should be close to what you would sell your property for.

    In 2016 the Town, through Accurate Assessment Group Inc., assessed the whole community. This was done as some areas have not been reviewed in five years and inconsistencies were being noticed. It is important to have an accurate assessment to ensure municipal, school and senior lodge taxes are applied fairly to every property owner.

    If you notice a change in your assessment it could be for one or more of the following reasons:

    Ø  It has not been assessed for a few years;

    Ø  Improvements were done to your property, like a garage was built;

    Ø  Changes in market value in the community; or

    Ø  There may have been an error in previous assessments.

    If you feel your assessment does not reflect the market value, please call Accurate Assessment at 1-877-438-2305 and it will be reviewed with you.For more information on assessment and taxes in Alberta, please visit: Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta