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    Westlock RCMP Detachment

    Next to Westlock Community Hall on the service road north, next to Highway 44
    • 24-Hour Non-Emergency Complaint Line:  780-349-4491 
    • RCMP Administration during Office hours:  780-349-4492
    Detachment Commander Staff Sgt. - Jeff Sehn
    For the Westlock Detachment webpage, click here.
    Interactive Crime Mapping
    The Westlock RCMP Criminal Activity Map shows where recent property crimes have occurred in the Town of Westlock. This information is distributed to raise awareness and help educate property owners on crime prevention techniques.
    To view the map, click here.

    Online Crime Reporting


    Community Assisted Policing Through Use of Recorded Evidence

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In 2023, the Alberta RCMP Community Safety and Well-being Branch officially launched Rural Alberta CAPTURE. This is an expansion of existing CAPTURE programs in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, and elsewhere.

    What is CAPTURE?

    CAPTURE is a voluntary security camera registry program. Residents and businesses who have video surveillance and are willing to share their video camera footage with the RCMP when requested can sign up.

    Why should I register my cameras with CAPTURE?

    Security cameras are an excellent tool for gathering evidence to solve crime. Even if a security camera doesn't record the actual moment of a crime, it could capture the suspects walking or driving to or from a crime scene, which could help investigators link separate incidents together, providing valuable criminal intelligence. Video evidence has been used to prosecute countless criminals.

    However, identifying cameras that may have recorded evidence of a crime can be very time-consuming for the police. CAPTURE aims to reduce the time a police officer needs to search for and gather video evidence when conducting an investigation by providing them with a map of registered security cameras in the area of the crime scene. The officer can then contact the registered owner of the camera to request to see the footage.

    How can I sign up for CAPTURE?

    To get started, visit and create an account. From there, you will enter your contact information and the location of your security cameras on our secure website. A civic or blue sign address is required; our system cannot accept legal land descriptions. If an investigator believes that your camera might have captured evidence of a crime, they will contact you using the contact information you provided during the sign-up process.

    Will the RCMP be able to live monitor my security camera feed?

    No, the RCMP will not have live access to your camera feed. We will only ask for videos that your cameras have already recorded if we believe they may have captured evidence of a crime.

    Your personal information and the location of your cameras will not be made publicly available; it will be visible only to authorized and security-cleared RCMP employees. Participation in CAPTURE is completely voluntary and you can withdraw your consent to participate at any time. The video footage on your camera remains your property.

    Why is it important to build the CAPTURE registry?

    The more cameras that are registered with CAPTURE, the more likely it is to aid in an investigation. RCMP Detachments have been encouraged to contact their local municipalities, chambers of commerce, and Rural Crime Watch or Citizens on Patrol groups to make them aware of the program and ask them to pass the information along to their members. We would like you to do the same when you have contact with anyone who might be willing to register for the program themselves or who could help to promote it in their community.

    Does CAPTURE really work?

    Yes, CAPTURE has already assisted in investigations in communities where it is currently in place. One example was a Criminal Harassment and Damage to Property file. The victim had registered their security cameras with CAPTURE, as had one of their neighbours. The neighbour was contacted by an investigator and confirmed that their camera had recorded an incident where the victim’s property had been damaged. The video was used to identify the perpetrator as the victim’s former domestic partner.

    In another incident, RCMP were called to a street fight in a residential area. The suspect was known to police, had outstanding warrants, and was alleged to have used a bat or similar type of weapon during a fight. When police arrived on scene, the suspect had already fled. An investigator checked CAPTURE and discovered that the residence across the street had a camera facing the area where the fight had occurred. The investigator contacted the registrant, whose video confirmed that the suspect had gone back into his residence with a weapon. With this information, police were granted a search warrant allowing them to enter the suspect’s home and arrest him.

    Who can I contact if I have more questions about CAPTURE?

    Please email the Rural Alberta CAPTURE program at

    Westlock Community Victim Services

    Located at 10807 - 104 Avenue, Westlock, Alberta, T7P 1B3 (Westlock RCMP Detachment) Next to Westlock Community Hall on Service Road north, next to Highway 44 Phone: 780-349-3443
    Program Manager - Leah Breckenridge
    The Westlock Victim Services Unit (Westlock VSU) provides services to victims of crime or trauma in the Westlock area. Westlock VSU volunteer advocates provide immediate support, practical information, and needed referrals to victims of crime or trauma 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
    Services provided include: 
    • Assisting in securing temporary safe housing and transportation
    • Offering informal emotional support and assistance
    • Providing court preparation and support services to victim-witnesses
    • Referring individuals to appropriate agencies/organizations
    • Responding first to victims of crime and trauma, as referred to by the RCMP
    The Westlock VSU also oversees solicitor general-mandated programs, including:
    • Financial benefits
    • Restitution
    • Victim impact statements