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    Westlock RCMP Detachment
    Located at 10807 104 Ave., Westlock AB T7P 1B3
    Next to Westlock Community Hall on service road north, next to Highway 44

    • 24-Hour Non Emergency Complaint Line:  780-349-4491 
    • RCMP Administration during Office hours:  780-349-4492
    Detachment Commander Staff Sgt. - Al Baird
    For the Westlock Detachment webpage, click here.
    Interactive Crime Mapping
    The Westlock RCMP Criminal Activity Map shows where recent property crimes have occurred in the Town of Westlock. This information is distributed to raise awareness and help educate property owners on crime prevention techniques.
    To view the map, click here.

    Westlock Community Victim Services
    Located at 10807 - 104 Avenue, Westlock, Alberta, T7P 1B3 (Westlock RCMP Detachment) Next to Westlock Community Hall on Service Road north, next to Highway 44 Phone: (780) 349-3443
    Program Manager - Leah Breakenridge
    The Westlock Victim Services Unit (Westlock VSU) provides services to victims of crime or trauma in the Westlock area. Westlock VSU volunteer advocates provide immediate support, practical information, and needed referrals to victims of crime or trauma 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Services provided include: 
    • Assisting in securing temporary safe housing and transportation
    • Offering informal emotional support and assistance
    • Providing court preparation and support services to victim witnesses
    • Referring individuals to appropriate agencies / organizations
    • Responding first to victims of crime and trauma as referred to by the RCMP
    The Westlock VSU also oversees solicitor general mandated programs including:
    • Financial benefits
    • Restitution
    • Victim impact statements