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    The off-leash dog park in Westlock is now available for use!
    Located at 108 Street and 101 Avenue.
    •  Use of the off-leash dog park is at your own risk
    • Open from dawn until dusk
    • An adult must accompany children under 16 years of age
    • Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated to use the off-leash park.
    • Female dogs in heat are not allowed.
    • Owners are required to pick up their dog feces and to dispose of it in the containers provided properly
    • Owners must be in attendance with their dog at all times
    • Owners must have a visible leash at all times
    • Owners must obey all park rules and relevant parking requirements
    • Dogs must be on a leash before entering and upon leaving this off-leash park
    • A maximum of two (2) dogs per person in the dog off-leash park
    • Owners must respect other park visitors by keeping their dog from running up to and jumping on other people and their dogs
    • Identified aggressive dogs must be muzzled and leashed
    • Pets must be under the control of the owner, and the dog must be in sight of the owner at all times
    • No puppies under four (4) months old are permitted
    • Owners are personally liable for any damages or injury inflicted by their dog
    • Owners not following the guidelines may be asked to leave by a Peace Officer
     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Community Services at 780-349-2115.

    New Fencing Installed

    The off-leash dog park entrance has moved to the new greeting area where dogs can meet through a fenced area, and owners can decide which area they prefer.

    • The East side is now for smaller breeds or older dogs who may be physically slower and get along with small dogs.
    • The West side is now for larger breeds and high-energy dogs.

    Please note these are recommendations only. The option of which area the dogs use is at each owner's discretion and comfort level.