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    Town of Westlock

    10003-106 Street

    Westlock, Alberta T7P 2K3

    Phone: 780-349-4444

    Toll Free: 1-866-349-4445

    Fax: 780-349-4436

    General E-mail:info@westlock.ca


    Town Council:

    Email: Mayor Ralph Leriger /Phone at 780-349-6769

    Email: Councillor Murtaza Jamaly / Phone: 780-349-0002

    Email:  Councillor Abby Keyes / Phone: 780-307-7780

    Email:  Councillor Jon Kramer / Phone: 780-283-0107

    Email:  Councillor Laura Morie / Phone : 780-349-4700

    Email: Councillor Curtis Snell / Phone: 780-349-6430

    Email: Councillor Randy Wold / Phone 780-307-2603

    Town Staff:

    Chief Administrative Officer: Simone Wiley
    Direct Line: 780-350-2100

    Director of Community Services: Gerry Murphy
    Direct Line: 780-350-2115 
    Director of Development Services: Krystle Fedoretz
    Direct Line: 780-350-2111 
    Director of Finance:  Julia Seppola

    Direct Line: 780-350-2103 

    Director of Operations: Robin Benoit
    Phone: 780-349-0237

    Development Officer:  Danielle Pougher

    Phone: 780-350-2113

    Economic Development Officer: Vivian Zittlaw
    Phone: 780-350-2109
    Aquatic Centre Supervisor: Rachelle de Boer

    Phone: 780-349-6677

    Rotary Spirit Centre Supervisor: Courtney Fedrau 
    Phone: 780-349-6654 
    Municipal Clerk: Annette Boissonnault 
    Direct Line: 780-350-2101
    Communications and Marketing Coordinator: Debbie Mottus 
    Phone: 780-349-4444 Extension: 118