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    The Town of Westlock encourages developers and contractors to book a pre-application meeting early in their project planning stage.

    Having a pre-application meeting can help identify any major issues with your project, as well as identify any additional submittals that may be required as part of your formal application.  Planning & Development Staff will also share any information that you need to consider as part of your application, such as Land Use Bylaw or Alberta Building Code requirements.

    This will ensure that you submit a thorough application, saving you the time for multiple revisions prior to approval and getting your project in the ground sooner.

     What do I need to provide at the meeting? 

    A site plan and any preliminary drawings would be an asset to help assess your projects’ approval needs.

    How do I book a pre-application meeting?

    Contact Planning & Development to arrange for a pre-application meeting.

    Call us: 780-349-4444
    Email us: planning@westlock.ca
    In-Person: 10003-106 Street, Westlock, AB