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    We are committed to increasing residents' participation in our community's social, cultural, and recreational activities. The new Town of Westlock Recreation Assistance Program is a step in that direction. 

    Modest-income residents and families can submit one application to Westlock & District FCSS to determine if they qualify for a 25% or 50% discount on many community programs and services.

    • Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre
    • Westlock Aquatic Centre
    • Recreation Programming
    • Community Assistance Bus

    Eligibility requirements

    • Assessment
      • Westlock & District FCSS staff will determine eligibility on a sliding scale depending on household members and income.

    • Income
      • Proof of household income is required, such as a CRA Notice of Assessment or others as deemed appropriate.

    • Residency
      • Individuals must prove their residency within the Westlock region and service area and have resided there for a minimum of 3 months.

    How to apply

    The Recreation Assistance Program is administered by Westlock & District FCSS.  Book an appointment with Westlock & District FCSS by calling 780-349-5900

    Bring the following documents to the appointment:

    • Valid identification
    • Proof of residency
    • Most recent tax return

    Once approved, you will be entered into the system and can access your discount at Town of Westlock facilities.

    Verified Income Scale

    Size of Family Unit
    Level 1
    50% Reduction
    Level 2
    25% Reduction
    one person$0 to $20,220$20,221 to $26,426
    two people$0 to $26,023$26,024 to $32,898
    three people$0 to $31,010$31,011 to $40,444
    four people$0 to $36,325$36,326 to $49,106
    five people$0 to $41,957$41,958 to $55,694
    six people$0 to $48,714$48,715 to $62,814
    seven people$0 to $55,834$55,835 to $69,934
    If more than seven people, for each additional person, add$7,120$7,120