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    Your municipal address identifies your home within the Town of Westlock.  It is important to have the correct address displayed to ensure the efficient delivery of services including mail delivery and emergency response.

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    In-Person: 10003-106 Street, Westlock, AB

    Addressing for the Town of Westlock is guided by Civic Addressing Bylaw 2020-10. In Westlock avenues generally run north and south and streets generally run east and west. Streets and avenues in the downtown core run at a diagonal due to the historical development of the community along the rail line.

    The first two or three digits in an address represent the street or avenue number and the remaining two digits represent the number assigned to the parcel of land. Addresses on the north and west sides of streets and avenues generally end in even numbers, while addresses on the south and east sides end in odd numbers. For example, 10003-106 Street, the Town Office, is on the south side of 106 Street east of 100 Avenue (main street). The Westlock Legion, at 10004-106 Street, is on the north side of 106 Street across from the Town Office. Numbers increase from west to east and from south to north

    New addresses must be assigned by the Town of Westlock Planning Department. The registered property owner or occupant is responsible for displaying the address of the property in a suitable location.

    When a new address needs to be assigned due to a recent subdivision or for any other reason, the Planning & Development Department will assign such a municipal street address and notify Canada Post of the address. Canada Post will assign a postal code and determine whether any new postal box infrastructure is required to accommodate the new address(es).

    The registered property owner or occupant is responsible to place the appropriate numbers in a satisfactory location approved by the Town on the parcel of land, building, unit or sub-unit in a building. Numbers shall be a minimum of four inches in height and two inches in width. It is to your benefit to ensure your address is not only posted on the building but is also highly visible to ensure that emergency services, if and when needed, can find your address quickly and easily.