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    Winter Road Maintenance

    We thank all residents for respecting our snow removal bylaw and snow removal guidelines (Bylaw 2012-08 and Policy No. P-20-2007).

    When will snow removal operations start?

    • A single event of loose snowfall greater than 100 mm
    • A total compacted accumulation depth of snow 100 mm or greater

    In any singular event with loose snowfall greater than 200 mm, we will focus on clearing the driving lanes in order of priority, leaving ploughed snow in windrow form alongside the road in the curb lane. Windrows will be cleared after all the roads and lanes have been ploughed. For this type of event, the Town will supplement operations with contracted services.

    When do snow removal signs get posted?

    Snow Day Removal Operation Signs will normally be posted a minimum of 24-hours prior to a particular area being cleaned.

    Snow Day Removal sign placement, location, date and time will be recorded by the Operations department. Sign removal date and time will also be recorded by Operations.

    Snow Day Removal Notices will be posted to the Town website and Facebook page.

    Who maintains highways?

    The Town maintains Westlock roads, with the exception of Highway 18 and Highway 44, which are managed by Emcon under contract with the Province of Alberta. All requests for road maintenance on these two highways should be directed to Emcon at 1-800-390-2242.

    Snow Removal Priority Map and Snow Zone Map

    We have established priority snow clearing and snow clearing zones. These will determine which areas (zone) are being cleared first and in what order. Throughout the season, as snow removal continues, the order will rotate to ensure that the zone which was cleared first will become the last zone in the next rotation. This has been adopted to mitigate concerns that some areas are always cleared last.

    Snow Removal Zone Rotation Schedule 
    (for Priorities 3, 4 & 5 only)
    Date of Snow Event:Residential Snow Removal 
    Next  Snow Event, Residential Snow
    Removal Begins:

    Zone Zone

    Snow removal schedules and plans are subject to change without notice due to shifting weather patterns and mechanical performance. Any changes will be posted to the Town website and Facebook page.

    Things to keep in mind

    If we all work together each snow season, we ensure our residents are able to access amenities and necessities.

    It is the responsibility of all residents, whether they own or rent their home, to keep public sidewalks adjoining their property clear of ice, snow, sand and other debris. You can file a bylaw complaint at www.westlock.ca if a sidewalk has not been cleared within 24 hours of the snowfall.

     Clearing sidewalks in front of residences and businesses within 24 hours after the snowfall event.

    Following instructions on snow removal signs when posted on residential roadways. Remember: When No Parking signs are posted on snow route zones, all vehicles must be removed off the roadway by 12:00 a.m. until the snow removal operation is completed.

    Once an event is triggered, the Town is committed to completing a full removal cycle within 12 days, except for extreme events.  

    If you have any questions, contact us at 780-350-0710 or for after-hours call 780-349-0178.

    Sign up for Transportation Alerts

    Zone maps and snow route removal dates will be shared throughout the Town of Westlock communication channels, a minimum of 24-hours before the snow removal efforts start, if possible. Messaging will continue throughout the event as information is made available. Residents are encouraged to sign up for Transportation Alerts through the Westlock Regional Notification System to receive these messages directly by text, email, or voice mail.