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    Public Works Shop and Cold Storage

    Project Description: Throughout the 2022 year, we will enter a design-build process for a new Public Works Shop. This will replace the existing facility, which was...MORE

    Jubilee Arena Demolition

    Project Description: Initially slated for demolition in 2012, the Jubilee Arena structure has degraded to an unsafe condition and will finally be demolished in 2022...MORE

    Sand and Salt Storage Building

    Project Description: The Sand and Salt Storage Building will contain the current salt/sand mix used in winter road maintenance and protect the material from the weather. This will...MORE

    Upcoming Capital Projects - 2023

    108 Street Industrial – Corridor Rehabilitation

    108 Street, Westlock, AB

    Project Description: Phase One of this project was completed in November 2021. This project was comprised of upgrading the roadway, underground infrastructure, and curb/sidewalks along 108 Street..MORE

    Completed Capital Projects

    Removal of existing equipment and replacement with improved play structures and amenities for a safe and enjoyable neighbourhood play area for years to come. 

    Grants, Funding Source: Funding approved through 2020-2024 Capital Plan. 

    PartnersCanadian Recreation Solutions

    Start Date: May 24, 2022

    Completion Date:  August 11, 2022

    Ribbon Cutting and Opening on August 11, 2022

    This project scope includes the construction of an asphalt multipurpose trail along the south side of 100 Street Service Road from 108 Avenue to 113 street, as well as a concrete sidewalk along the east side of 113 Street from 100 Street Service Road to the Alberta Service Building.  Pedestrian crossing signals were also added at the 108 Street/Highway 18 intersection. Most works were completed in 2021.  Final trail work and landscaping were completed spring of 2022.

    This project is to remove a build-up of sludge in the receiving cells at the sanitary sewage lagoon. This sludge builds up over many years and needs to be removed to improve the lagoon's operational efficiencies. Work started in April 2022 and is now complete.  

    In partnership with Bell Mobility and Echologics, a Mueller Water brand, this system will monitor hydrants throughout the community and provide data to pinpoint leaks and maintain our infrastructure in a new way. This will be a multi-year project with the installation of 50 sensors in 2022 and another 30 in 2023.

    Grants, Funding Source:   Alberta Community Resiliency Program and the Federal Investing in Canada Plan

    Partners: MPE Engineering Ltd. and Pidherney’s Inc.

    Start Date: February 2021

    Completion Date:  November 2021

    Department Contact:  Director of Operations

    Heritage Building Renovations

    10007-100 Avenue, Westlock, AB

    This project was completed on time on June 15, 2021.

    Grants, Funding Source: Funding approved through 2020-2024 Capital Plan. 

    Partners: Interworks Contracting Ltd.

    Start Date: January 29, 2021

    Completion Date: June 15, 2021