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    This page will guide you through the permit process for placing a sign within Westlock.  You must have a permit prior to the installation of the sign.

    Generally, all exterior signs require a development permit.  The Town’s Land Use Bylaw regulates the number, size, type, appearance and location of signs.

    Call us: 780-349-4444
    Email us: planning@westlock.ca
    In-Person: 10003-106 Street, Westlock, AB

    Signage within the Highway 18 and 44 road right-of-ways is controlled by Alberta Transportation.

    Sign Up Alberta, a program operated by the Province of Alberta, provides informative and efficient highway signage to guide road users to essential services and attractions.

    All Sign Up Alberta signs are manufactured and placed in accordance with Alberta Transportation’s Highway Construction Specifications. Under this new program, applicants do not have to worry about design, fabrication, installation and regular maintenance of the sign. These details are looked after as part of the province’s highway sign maintenance program.  The signs under this program include tourist attraction signs, community service signs, and community entrance signs.

    To apply to be part of the program, visit signupalberta.com and submit an online application.

    Election signs must be placed in accordance with the Town of Westlock Election Sign Policy, Land Use Bylaw and Traffic Bylaw.

    Our Election Sign Information Package includes all the relevant information needed to determine where you can place an election sign.

    All election signs must be removed no later than fourteen (14) days after the election.

    A-Frame Sign means a self-supporting sign comprised of two panels joined at the top to promote products or services on or adjacent to the property where the sign is displayed.

    Billboard Sign means a sign supported by one or more uprights, braces or pylons, which stands independently of a building and contains advertising copy related to a product, service, facility or business located outside of the parcel upon which the sign is located.

    Fascia Sign means a sign placed flat and parallel to the face of a building.

    Free-Standing Sign means a sign other than a billboard on a standard or column permanently attached to the ground and not connected in any way to any building or other structure located on the lot of the product, service, facility or business advertised.

    Inflatable Sign means a sign comprised of an inflated three-dimensional object, anchored or affixed to a building or site.

    Marquee or Canopy Sign means any roof-like structure constructed to provide shelter or shade over an entranceway or window.

    Portable Sign means a sign mounted on a frame or a trailer, stand or similar support which can be relocated to another location and may include a copy that can be changed manually.

    Projecting Sign means a sign which is attached to a building or structure so that part of the sign projects over 1.0 foot from the face of the building or structure.

    Roof Sign means any sign erected upon, against or directly above a roof or on top or above the parapet wall of a building

    Temporary Sign means a sign which is intended to advertise community or civic projects, community projects, real estate for sale or lease, or other special events on a temporary basis.

    View or download Sign Samples PDF.

    Signs are not allowed in Westlock if they:

    • are located in the road or road right of way
    • are located so that they obstruct the free and clear vision of vehicular traffic
    • interfere with or can be confused with a traffic sign, signal or device
    • are not in good and safe structure condition
    • are determined to be abandoned or in a state of disrepair

    Other sign restrictions also apply, including sizes, heights, separation distances, electronic displays, land use districts, etc.  Planning & Development will review your application for all considerations when you apply for your permit.

    Some signs do not require a permit, provided that they comply with other requirements in the Land Use Bylaw:

    • Statutory and official notices and functional advertisements of local authorities and public transport agencies
    • Traffic and directional signs
    • Notices of identification of the land, buildings or occupants of land provided that they are limited to one notice for each occupant of the land or building and do not exceed 0.185 sq. m (2.0 sq. ft) in area
    • Notices of the sale, lease or rental of a building or land
    • Posters relating to a pending election, as long as they are removed within fourteen (14) days after the election
    • Contractor advertisements relating to work in progress, as long as they are removed once the project is completed
    • Temporary signs referring to sales, providing they are no larger than 0.2 sq. m (2.2 sq. ft) and are erected no more than seven (7) days before the commencement of the sale and removed within two (2) days of the completion of the sale
    • Signs in enclosed land not visible to the public
    • Signs within a building
    • Signs in or on an operational vehicle
    • Signs on door plates, door bars or kick plates
    • A-frame signs (restrictions apply)
    • Flag signs (restrictions apply)

    If you are unsure if your sign requires a permit, please contact Planning and Development to confirm prior to installing your sign.

    Submit an application for each permit, along with other relevant documents, to Planning & Development Services (contact info below).

    1 – Fill out your application.
     Download the checklists and forms (below) and complete them.

    Development Permits & Checklists

    Sign Development Permit Application Package

    2 - Have drawings ready:

    • Site Plan – dimensioned with distances to property lines and other buildings labelled
    • Sign Details – drawings of the sign, fully dimensioned

    3 – Apply with all the required documentation. 

    Application methods:

    In-Person or by Mail to:

    Planning & Development Services
    Town of Westlock
    10003-106 Street
    Westlock, AB  T7P 2K3

    Email to: planning@westlock.ca 

    Payment methods:
    After your application is received and processed, you will be notified by email or phone of the application fee(s). See our Fee Schedule for our current permit fees.


    • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
    • E-transfer to finance@westlock.ca (please include "Permit" in the Notes field)


    • Debit
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard or Amex)

    Mail payment:

    • Cheque

    What if I am not the property owner?

    If you are not the owner of the property, then you must get the owner's consent to apply for any permits.  The Town accepts the following forms of owner authorization:

    • Signature on Development Permit application
    • Letter of consent from Property Owner

    How long will it take to obtain my permits?

    Timelines vary based on the type of application as well as our current application volumes.  Give yourself as much time as possible to complete the permit process prior to your preferred construction start date in case of any complications or revisions required.