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    This page will help guide you through your residential fence project in the Town of Westlock.  Browse the dropdowns below or download the brochure below for more information.

    Download the Building a Fence Brochure.

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    Important rules:


    • Fences can be as high as 2.0m (6.6 ft) in a rear or side yard
    • Fences can be as high as 1.0m (3.3 ft) in a front yard

    Download or view the Fence Heights PDF.

    Encroachments: It is not allowed to encroach on neighbouring property with a fence, retaining wall or other development. This applies regardless of the ownership of the neighbouring property (private, Town, government, etc). 

    • You can contact an Alberta Land Surveyor to locate your property lines if you do not know their location.

    Permits are typically not required for fences as long as the height requirements of the Town’s Land Use Bylaw are followed.  See Know the rules below for more information.

    When is a Development Permit required?

    In residential areas, a Development Permit for a fence is only required when:

    • The height of the proposed fence is 2.0m (6.6 ft) or higher in a rear or side yard.
    • The height of the proposed fence is 1.0m (3.3 ft) or higher in the front yard

    If none of the above applies to your project, it is likely that a Development Permit is not required.

    If you believe you will require a Development Permit for your fence, please contact Planning & Development at 780-349-4444 or for more information.

    When planning your fence, it is important to learn where and what underground and overhead utilities are located on your property. Locates are done free of charge but require a couple of days notice to obtain.

      Alberta One-Call 1-800-242-3447